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Twins 《Yusuke Izaki、Hisato Izaki Birthday Celebrate Article》

“ Thank you ! ”
“ Thank you very much !! ”

As usual, all the staffs were saying good-bye to everyone, and today’s work from radio station was finished. My head couldn’t have a rest unless I left this building.
Back to Vision Factory, the camera-man was approaching me again. Everything was the same as usual, the only thing I care was… Yusuke and my birthday was coming again.
Again? Why I said again? Am I tired with Yusuke? No… it’s not like that. I just discovered the big mistake we made, and how serious of this outcome effects our live.

“ Hisato, are you just came back from the radio station? ” I met Yu on the way to practice room, and he didn’t notice that I was thinking of something.

When I had something in my mind, people can know it easily by looking my face. But no one noticed it recently. The only person who perceived that is Yusuke.
Yusuke, he knew me better than others, also understand me better than others. The only thing I upset of was ---- I can’t understand him. Even twins unvoiced pact is better than others, but it doesn’t means every pairs of twins can fully understand their brothers, like Yusuke and me. I can’t understand him as well as he understand me.

“ Hisato, ya’ okay? Are you dazing? ”
“ Yeah, I am thinking about my birthday. I wonder what is the big plan will be after Kyohei leave it to you two… ” I was smiling, covering the things in my mind.
“ Big plan? You don’t have to worry about it, we will not plan anything for you guys. If we really do that, which means we will receive the same GIFT from you guys. ”
“ Oh? You are afraid, aren’t you? The big GIFT. ” Try to laugh as easy as possible.
“ Of course. I don’t want to go to hell because of Yusuke’s anger… ” He touched my shoulder, “ But… I am a little bit eager to see his angry face… ”
“ Your courage is growing now, hah? Zero Kitamura. ” I was giggling while looked at him. (( * Zero Kitamura – Zero means a person’s whose ability cost zero. Kitamura is his name
“ Hey ! I was joking ! Don’t put the dangers on me ! ”

We were just arrived practice room. Yusuke was standing in front of the mirror and staring my reflection. He is not practicing, but a little bit angry.

“ Why you guys so late? Especially Yu ! Where you go? ” He did not turn back.
“ Yusuke, Yu was with me. Anyway, we are here now, you don’t have to angry like this, right? ” Staring at Yusuke, the things which I just threw away was coming in my mind again.
“ …Well, now the person who is absent is only Seigo… ” He went towards to CD Player, prepared to press the button of start. I was standing in the same position without next move.
“ Hisato, practice now. ” Yu was pushing me from my back before I make a move.

Looking at the reflection from the mirror, my mind started to catch the things which I just left behind. Essentially, I wanted to abandon those non-answer things away, but it came back without any warning and straight through my mind. Is that okay for Yusuke and me? We are not doing wrong, but…we will hurt lots of people beyond our imagination by our selfishness.

Suddenly, the music was stopped without it is able to finish by itself. Yu was stopped to dance because the music was stopped by force.

“ Why you stop the music? ”
“ Hisato is tired, we will continue it next day. ” After the sentence was done, Yusuke turned to my direction and towards me, “ Let’s go home. ”
“ Eh? ”

I knew that I was not tired. But Yusuke just pulling me away without told me. Is he angry? Is he angry of my sudden absence of mind? I didn’t want to make him angry, but I can’t stop thinking, I can’t help it.

“ Hisato ! ” Yusuke was stopped in the corridor, “ You are odd recently… ”
“ Am I ? I just don’t talk much only… ” Even Yusuke already knew that I was not in the mood, but I will not telling anything within my mind. I just hoped everything was my daydream.
“ Of course, you are speechless during these few days… but… ” His emphatic sounds like he accepted my lies, but his heart was not.
“ That is exactly what happened … ” It’s weird. The conversation we made was like acting a drama. We knew what exactly we were thinking of each other, but every word we split is not what we thought in our heart.
“ Never mind… we will talk about it later. ” Seemed like he didn’t know how to continue it. He pulled me away from the corridor by his own decision.


Reached home, we took off all the staff on us as the usual way. Yusuke went into his room, while I was staring at him. Maybe it is better in this way. We just keep on like this until the end. The relations between us cannot be turning better or worse.
I agreed that I am ambivalence now, but I believed no one will be calm when they were facing this. Especially, after I knew how serious it is.
When we just started to know the feelings between us, we didn’t have any guilty inside us. It’s because we all think about ourselves. We are selfish. I can’t accept the selfish in our soul. I can’t put all the hurts we produced on the people who love us so much.
What else should we think about? I have no idea about that… If I continued to keep my selfish just for getting love which I want from Yusuke, there will be no light for our future. This is the reality of this world. If I stayed in the dream we made, does that mean I was escaping from the reality of live?

“ Hisato. ”

Yusuke was standing in front of his room. The eyes sight which I received could go through my heart without any blocking. I was smiling at him. I can’t do any other actions now. Better keep on like this. I knew that I still can’t face the decision I just want to take.

“ You okay? Why you keep on quiet? ” He went in front of me, touched my forehead with his barely but kindly hand, “ Not feeling well? ”

He didn’t discern that I was worried about something? He didn’t know what am I thinking? He knows, I know he knows. We are twins, closer than relative. We have telepathy between us, we knew each other’s feeling. He can discovered my feeling easily, usually. That’s why I always depend on him. It’s all because I knew there will not be no one else who can know me as well as him.

“ Hisato… ”

The expression in Yusuke’s eyes was changed. He was staring at me. The eyes were agitated and concerned. I was in his arm without first warning. Blank, my mind is blank. The strength of Yusuke’s arms, I can feel it clearly. But why? Why Yusuke doing this?

“ It… It is enough already… Hisato… ” Yusuke’s voice was trembling, “ I know the things you worried about… but… Can’t we just leave it first? Can’t we just have our own space for our own world? Can’t we just keep our selfish for our happiness? ”

Yusuke knows… he knows everything. We are just the same. We are afraid to split this out, afraid things can not turning back after we talk about it. I just realized there’s a huge wall for us to crossover it. Pain or selfish, which way should we choose?

“ Yusuke… is it better if we continue like this…? ” Finally, I asked it. I decided to ask it. It’s better doing nothing.
“ I don’t wanna leave you. I can’t say good-bye with our feelings… I can’t just separate with you so easy… ”

Yusuke’s arms held me so tight till it hurts me. I know, I know it all, I also can’t separate with Yusuke easily. As long as I know I love him. I can’t just erase our past away. In the end, we were still suffering between realities and selfish.

“ I just want to… keep this moment. Even we have to face the problem we make, we can face it together. Even the reality separate us now, it doesn’t we will not be together at the end. ”
“ Yusuke… ”

I cried. My tears came out from my face. I can’t breathe from the pressure of reality. It is so pain to ask me leave Yusuke, too pain to be truth. Accepting reality, it becomes betraying my heart. Can I just leave it for the time to answer it? I can’t think of anything anymore. I really hope I never growing up, just like those days in childhood. Depends on Yusuke without any consensus. Like kindergarten times, a little love without any pain and sorrow.

The day before birthday, a crying voice was painting sadness on the dark silent night. The tearstains on the cheeks transferred the torture of emotions.


“ Hello? ”
“ Is that Yusuke? ”
“ Mom… it’s me. ”
“ Oh ! Hisato ! I am sorry. ”
“ Anything happen? Why you calling at morning? ”
“ Nah, I just want to say Happy Birthday to you and Yusuke. ”
“ Thanks…”
“ Are you ‘kay? I can hear that you are not happy. ”
“ Mom… Well… ”
“ Yes? ”
“ If … I say if…. If I told you that I like Yusuke, what do you think? ”
“ I will be happy then ! ”
“ Hah? ”
“ If you say you don’t like Yusuke, I will have a headache. ”
“ but… the word I say is not …”
“ Hisato. ”
“ Yeah? ”
“ As a mother, I just want you and Yusuke to be happy and healthy. Maybe there’s something you care really much, but I believe you and Yusuke. You know what is right, what is wrong. You can make difference between the things should do or shouldn’t do. Just do the thing you want to do, is that okay? ”
“ Even … even I told you the feelings about Yusuke is not that easy… you will not angry? ”
“ No. If you have another feeling about Yusuke is normal. You and Yusuke are twins, don’t you remember? ”
“ Uhh… ”
“ It is not enough unless you guys are happy. ”
“ ‘kay… ”
“ Hisa-chan, you don’t have to think other things, it is normal to have anxious and concern in your age. But don’t forget, I will always stand your position for your feeling. You guys are not guilty, no one is guilty, you get it? ”
“ Yes… ”
“ I have to hand off the phone now. Help me to say happy birthday to Yusuke. ”

‘ …… Doo …’

“ Hisato? ”

The door just opened by Yusuke, he was standing in front of the door. The eyes staring at me with anxious, he quickly ran towards me and arrest my arms, “ What happened? Why you are crying? ”

I can’t say anything. I can’t answer, I don’t know how to answer. The only thing I can do was crying, endlessly. I hug Yusuke just like a child, hold him tight, “ Yusuke… I… I love you. ”

I can feel my hair was press by something. It was Yusuke’s hand. I know it will be Yusuke’s hand. He knows why I doing this right? I know he knows. All the feelings I have is nothing else. It’s happiness. I am a happiest person in the world when I know I can be together with Yusuke.

“ Hisato. ” I haven’t say anything, he already notice it, he was smiling at me, “ I can feel you are happy. ”
“ Mom asked me to say Happy Birthday to you. ”
“ I receive it. ”

This year, the meaning of Happy Birthday is so different. We also feel relief because of it. What a magic word …

──────────The End

Don’t forget their birthday is on 5/17 !! xDD
By the way ~ I finally finished it !! ^^
It’s a little bit… sad story, I guess… ||| orz…

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