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Post  Rei.G on Wed Mar 05, 2008 11:39 am

The topics for Chinese Oral Test (Sec4 Prelim exam)

1. For IGCSE oral test, the second part, you will choose one of the topics from (A-C).
2. The third part, the teacher will choose one topic for you to answer from (D-F).
3. Wish all of you have good preparation, pass the exam and get good marks.

Chinese ver.↓

A 談一下你的學校,包括你的老師,你的科目以及你的學習成績,說說你最喜歡在學校裡幹什麼,希望以後學校會變成什麼樣的學校等等。

B 談一下你印象最深刻的一次旅遊,和誰一起去以及你們在那裡做了什麼有趣的活動,看到了什麼好看的風景,你學到了什麼?

C 如果你有機會到中國去,你會到什麼地方去玩?為什麼?

D 談一下你喜歡的中國節日,說一說為什麼你會喜歡這個節日,以及過節的時候你和家人,朋友都做什麼?

E 談一下你的個人以及社會生活,包括你自己、家人、同學、朋友等等,說一說你們比較喜歡的活動有哪些。

F 談一下你周圍的世界,包括社會、環境、自然和人們的生活習慣以及如何看待現在的全球變暖。

English ver.↓

A Talk about your school, include your teacher, subject and study marks. Talk about what do you like to do in the school, and expect what will school become in the future.

B Talk about the most impression trip in your live, who you go with and what activity you do, where you do the activity. What beautiful scene you saw and what have you learn.

C If you have a chance to go to China, what place you want to go? Why?

D Talk about your favourite China festival, and why you will like this festival. What will you do with your family and friends?

E Talk about your personal live and society, include yourself, family, classmate and friends, talk about the activity you like to do together.

F Talk about the world surrounding you, include society, environment, nature, people's live and habits. How you think about Global Warming.

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default Re: Chinese Oral Exam Topic !!!

Post  ..Miyuri-Chan.. XP on Wed Mar 05, 2008 12:16 pm

thx for posting this rei.. XD it helps me alot coz i lost my schedule==


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