[PIC] FLAME 2008/02/20 e-tower [sample]

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default [PIC] FLAME 2008/02/20 e-tower [sample]

Post  Rei.G on Wed Feb 20, 2008 9:22 am

Finally !! FLAME's official photo coming out !! Very Happy
Why VF always delay FLAME's photo ?! = =|||
This time they update the photo, because FLAME got Fans Club Event... that's why they update the photo... xDD

This twins.... gangster~ haha

Hisato so cutee.... >///<

Yu, your arms.... xDD affraid

My comment is... Seigo, keep your pure ...
Do not influent by Yusuke and Hisato.... xDD (Twins staring at this way...)
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default Re: [PIC] FLAME 2008/02/20 e-tower [sample]

Post  ..Miyuri-Chan.. XP on Thu Feb 21, 2008 1:31 pm

affraid Hisatoo------ and Yusuke looks the same!!!!!!

I cant differentiate it which one is which.. affraid

Oh God, what hapen to those twins.. O_o
day by day they looks more similar and similar..
Hisato really looks like yusuke..with his blond hair.. He looks Hotter~ Very Happy

emm, if im not wrong, Hisato is the one who are not wearing the hat right?? Sad

Oh yea,wat hapen to Yu's arm affraid muscle every where O_o!

huh, Seigo again==..
I dont really like seigo, he is only a sub member..(sorry)
It is better if Kyohei is still in FLAME.. Crying or Very sad
Kyohei, why you leave~~ Rei miss you~~(hahaha)
umm, any news from Kyohei? Have you talk to him lately?


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